Romance With a Dose of Sweet Sugar and a Dash of Steamy Spice!

Romance With a Dose of Sweet Sugar and a Dash of Steamy Spice!

Friday, April 9, 2021

COMING SOON: My Harlequin Intrigue Novel, COLD CASE TRUE CRIME

Happy April, Friends! I am so excited to reveal the cover of my upcoming Harlequin Intrigue novel, COLD CASE TRUE CRIME. The book is available for preorder (yay!) and will be released on 6/1. Keep reading for all the deets!

True crime is her passion. But this cold case is personal…

Samantha Vincent has turned her fascination with true crime into a popular blog, aptly named Someone Knows Something. When an old friend asks her to investigate a murder the police couldn’t solve, she begins to suspect that the cops want this case to go cold. Samantha is confident she’ll catch the killer when Detective Gregory Harris agrees to help her. But everything changes when she becomes a target…


Samantha is a magazine writer whose column “A Woman’s Guide To Practical Living” is featured monthly in Elevate Women’s Journal. But during her off hours, she's dedicated to her true crime blog, Someone Knows Something, which brings awareness to unsolved cold cases.

When she receives an email from Ava Jennings, who’s pleading for help in solving her brother’s murder, Samantha feels compelled to get involved.

Detective Gregory Harris recently moved to Gattenburg, Illinois from Chicago, where he’d worked on the police force for ten years. After he had refused to abide by the city’s “code of silence” and cover up the corruption going on within the department, he was pushed out by the senior officers. By then, the detective had grown tired of the big city and decided that calm, peaceful Gattenburg was exactly where he needed to be. 

As he adjusts to the new town, the last thing Detective Harris expects is to be approached by the beautiful, determined Samantha, asking to join forces in solving a cold case that the Gattenburg PD had swept under the rug.

Can Samantha convince the devoted detective to turn against his own in order to catch a killer?

COLD CASE TRUE CRIME is book five in Harlequin Intrigue’s AN UNSOLVED MYSTERY series. CLICK HERE for more on the book as well as the series, which includes stories from several of Intrigue’s bestselling authors. Below is a full list of novels included:

Book 1: Cold Case Colorado by Cassie Miles

Book 2: Cold Case Reopened by Caridad PiƱeiro

Book 3: Alaska Mountain Rescue by Elizabeth Heiter

Book 4: Cold Case Flashbacks by Janice Kay Johnson

Book 5: Cold Case True Crime by Denise N. Wheatley

*All books are stand-alones with uplifting endings.

COLD CASE TRUE CRIME will also be a part of Intrigue's July Box Set, which includes novels by Carol Ericson (THE TRAP) and Tyler Anne Snell (UNCOVERING SMALL TOWN SECRETS). It'll be available on 6/1. So stay tuned for that!

And for Mills & Boon's UK version of COLD CASE, TRUE CRIME, CLICK HERE!

To follow my writer's journey and keep up with all the latest on my projects, CLICK HERE!

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