Romance With a Dose of Sweet Sugar and a Dash of Steamy Spice!

Romance With a Dose of Sweet Sugar and a Dash of Steamy Spice!

Friday, April 19, 2019

I’m Going On A Book Tour! Check Out The Dates And Co-Hosting Opportunities

Hello everyone, and welcome back to my blog! I am so excited to announce that I’m going on a book tour, courtesy of my lovely host, Silver Dagger. I will have three separate month-long tours running concurrently in support of my latest contemporary romance novels, with the first one beginning on April 27th. Hosting dates for each tour are now available on the Silver Dagger Book Tour website for any bloggers or Facebookers who are interested in co-hosting opportunities. There will be plenty of fun prizes and giveaways available for both readers and hosts!

I will link all of the deets below, along with information on each book. Please feel free to leave any questions in the comments section, and we look forward to you joining us!

A bit about the book:

When the pursuit of happiness leads to a unexpected second chance at romance...

Newly engaged Timber West is a beauty and wellness entrepreneur who seemingly has it all. But her life is abruptly turned upside down when she and her older fiancé Brian break off their engagement after he questions her career choices and wavers on his desire to have more children. Timber turns to her best friend Eva for support, which is tricky considering Eva also happens to be Brian’s daughter. 

Timber eventually finds love again with sexy actor Alex and moves her flourishing company Soothing Bliss into a beautiful commercial space. With an exciting new man in her life and a business that’s booming, Timber finally feels as though she’s on the perfect path. But she’s thrown into a whirlwind of turmoil when Soothing Bliss’s new location is threatened to be purchased by a callous art curator, and Alex’s growing popularity sparks his wandering eye. 

Then Brian suddenly resurfaces and he and Timber start up an unlikely friendship, giving her just the boost that she needs. As Christmastime approaches, Timber hopes that her favorite holiday will bring about a miracle in her fight to keep Soothing Bliss in its rightful home. And with a little compromise and dose of holiday magic, she wonders whether she and Brian can work through their past and mend a relationship that perhaps never should have unraveled.
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A bit about the book:

Single until further notice! (Heart currently under construction….)

Leslie James is a savvy aspiring writer who’s struggling to work her way up the coveted ranks of Limelight lifestyle magazine, where she works as the assistant to the editor in chief. As she hustles hard toward her dream of joining their elite writing staff, Leslie keeps her journalistic skills sharp by launching Blissful Beauties, a diverse beauty blog that celebrates all women.

While writing is Leslie’s passion, it also helps take her mind off of her last breakup and current relationship status: Single. Just when she begins feeling resistant to love, she meets sports journalist Michael—a handsome, divorced father to a young son with seemingly good intentions. At the urging of her best friend Crystal, Leslie befriends Michael but insists they remain strictly platonic. He’s determined, however, to win her over, and as their undeniable chemistry becomes impossible to resist, the pair’s friendship eventually turns into romance.

Things only get better when Leslie’s boss finds herself in a pinch and tasks Leslie with writing a feature story for Limelight. She delivers the article with flying colors in hopes of finally landing a seat at the writer’s table. 

But when Michael’s ex-wife suddenly resurfaces and Leslie’s promotion stalls, both her relationship and career are left hanging in the balance, leaving her wondering what else could possibly go wrong….

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A bit about the series:

Someone is about to have the best holiday ever…

Sasha Williams is an African-American public relations powerhouse who’s come a long way from the south side of Chicago to glamorous Los Angeles. While she loves her LA life, she hasn’t forgotten her roots and always goes back home to celebrate Christmas with her tight-knit family. This year, however, Sasha’s holiday plans are nixed when she’s forced to accompany her sexy, notoriously naughty new client Drake Lancaster on the press tour for his upcoming Christmas movie.

Sasha’s furious, yet finds herself overcome with lust when Drake strolls into her office. She’s surprised considering she has never dated outside of her race, but Drake’s brooding Italian good looks have her thinking she may need to broaden her horizons. His attraction toward her is just as intense, and pleasure eventually overtakes the pair’s business relationship.

Despite Sasha’s promise to keep things strictly professional during the press tour, her and Drake’s secret trysts heat up even further while out on the road. In the end, Sasha must decide whether their cultural differences, along with her painful secret past and his playboy reputation, are worth risking her heart and career—especially without knowing whether this is the real thing or a racy fling.
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A bit about the book:

Even the most perfectly laid holiday plans sometimes go awry…

Interracial entertainment industry it couple Sasha and Drake are still going strong. Her impeccable publicist skills have kept him on the A-list, helping Drake land the lead role in a major Valentine’s Day movie. When filming wraps, the couple plan on heading to Cabo San Lucas, inviting both their families along to meet for the first time.

But plans go astray when Drake reverts back to his bad boy ways during filming and gets into a huge altercation with the director. He’s booted from the movie and replaced by Mitch Morrison, a hot young African-American actor who’s recently taken Hollywood by storm.

While Drake struggles to repair his image, Mitch hires Sasha to help manage his burgeoning career. The move infuriates Drake, but Sasha insists it’s a great business opportunity. She doesn’t realize Drake’s threatened by Mitch’s good looks and charismatic personality and is worried the pair will bond over their African-American heritage.

The stress of it all puts a strain on the couple’s relationship, especially when Mitch admits to Sasha that he’s developed feelings for her and she realizes the sentiments may be mutual. With the pressures of Sasha and Drake’s rocky union continuing to mount, the anticipation of their families meeting, and Sasha’s elusive affections towards Mitch, the couple can’t help but wonder whether their once booming relationship is about to crash. In the end, they must figure out whether their love is strong enough to withstand these challenges and carry them through this Valentine’s Day.

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