Romance With a Dose of Sweet Sugar and a Dash of Steamy Spice!

Romance With a Dose of Sweet Sugar and a Dash of Steamy Spice!

Saturday, April 2, 2022

COVER REVEAL! Plus, THE HEART-SHAPED MURDERS is Available for Preorder!

Here it is, friends! The cover of my upcoming Harlequin Intrigue novel, THE HEART-SHAPED MURDERS, is live. I have to say, this is probably one of my favorite covers to date. The models fit the descriptions of my hero and heroine perfectly, and the shattered glass forming the shape of a heart?? Chef's kiss. The book is available for preorder now, hits Harlequin's shelves on May 1st, and will be available wherever books are sold on May 24th. Keep reading for the official blurb and more!

Catching serial killers is her specialty. Until one follows her home...

Attacked and left with a partial heart-shaped symbol carved into her chest, forensic investigator Lena Love finds her latest hunt has become personal. But leaving LA to return to her hometown comes with its own danger—like detective David Hudson, the love she left behind. 

Soon sparks fly, even as Lena is targeted and stalked, and bodies—all marked with the killer’s signature heart—are discovered in David’s jurisdiction…

THE HEART-SHAPED MURDERS is Book One in my West Cost Crime Story series. If you like the tropes and themes listed above, then my guess is that you'll love the book! Early feedback from my ARC readers has made my heart sing. 🤗 

The novel will be included in Harlequin Intrigue's June 2022 box set, along with novels by Maggie Wells and Nicole Helm (deets on that coming soon). It'll also be included in Mills & Boon's May 2022 book set, along with Marie Ferrarella's CAVANAUGH JUSTICE: DEADLY CHASE

I'll be updating my Instagram, Twitter, TikTok and Facebook accounts with all the latest news on THE HEART-SHAPED MURDERS as the countdown to the release date begins. Be sure to follow me on one (or all!) of those platforms so you won't miss anything.

Thank you so much for your support, friends! 😘

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