Romance With a Dose of Sweet Sugar and a Dash of Steamy Spice!

Romance With a Dose of Sweet Sugar and a Dash of Steamy Spice!

Monday, May 1, 2023


Happy May 1st! Today is a very special day as I am celebrating the release of DANGER IN THE NEVADA DESERT. 🎉 Keep reading for deets on Book 2 in my West Coast Crime Story series, including all the scoop on the hero and heroine and a wonderful review in the Library Journal, then stick around for Book 3's newly-minted blurb!

A killer is terrorizing River Valley, and its newest sergeant.

With a serial killer terrorizing her desert town, Sergeant Charlotte Bowman needs the savviest partner she can find—fast! Enter hotshot California detective Miles Love. Together Charlotte and Miles make a formidable team despite their fiery past. But with the stakes as intense as their chemistry, can the pair outwit a ruthless murderer—who might just have River Valley’s newest sergeant next in his sights?

DANGER IN THE NEVADA DESERT is filled with lots of themes and tropes, including:
  • Second chance romance
  • A serial killer with a sinister modus operandi
  • A tough yet soft-hearted hero 
  • A clever, capable heroine
  • Several unusual suspects
  • Fiery chemistry
  • Shocking twists and turns
  • Fast-paced romantic suspense
The book's hero, Miles Love, is definitely on my Top Five list of favorite protagonists I've ever written. Miles is:
  • A newly-minted detective
  • On the hunt for a killer in an unfamiliar town
  • Afraid of being hurt again
  • Clemmington, California's most eligible bachelor
  • Down for a second chance at love
Charlotte Bowman, the book's sharp, strong-willed heroine, is:
  • River Valley's new sergeant who has something to prove
  • Recovering from a bitter divorce
  • Desperate to catch the Numeric Serial Killer
  • Hesitant to love again
  • Slowly allowing Miles to peel back her layers 
While we're at it, here's a bit about me!
  • I was born and raised in the Windy City
  • I'm a true crime addict
  • I 💓Abbot Elementary
  • I also 💓 LA
  • Childhood fear: The Incredible Hulk
  • I am a plotter, not a pantser
  • Former high school tennis player 🎾
  • Neat freak
  • Sweet >>> salty
  • A beach vacay is the best vacay

DANGER IN THE NEVADA DESERT was released by Harlequin today and will be available through all other retailers on May 23rd. CLICK HERE to visit Harlequin's website, where you can find more info on the book (including an excerpt) and snag your copy!

Those who signed up for ARCs received their signed paperback copies along with these fun stickers. I'm planning on doing something special for readers when Book 3 in the series, HOMICIDE AT VINCENT VINEYARD, hits shelves on November 1st.

Speaking of HOMICIDE AT VINCENT VINEYARD, I recently sent the final manuscript off to my editor. Here's the blurb:

A case from the past could change their future…

Newly promoted Jake Love has reopened a complicated cold case involving Don Vincent, the owner of Vincent Vineyard, who was found stabbed to death on the property. While several suspects surfaced initially, no viable evidence was collected. This time around, Jake is determined to bring justice to the Vincents—especially now that his girlfriend Ella Bowman is by his side helping with the investigation. But when Ella's connection to the powerful family leads to threats, then more people turn up dead, the truth's revelation may destroy them both.

Last but not least, I was thrilled when DANGER IN THE NEVADA DESERT received a wonderful review in the Library Journal! Check it out below:

At a conference years ago, Charlotte Bowman and Miles Love shared dinner, a nightcap, and a romantic evening back in her hotel room. Realizing they were in two completely different stages of their lives, they went their separate ways. Fast forward to the present, and Miles, now a police detective, is shocked when police sergeant Charlotte calls asking for his help with a serial killer case. Initially determined to keep things professional, all that changes when the two see each other in person.

VERDICT Featuring great character development and plenty of suspense, Wheatley (The Heart-Shaped Murders) gives Charlotte and Miles a reunion that turns into a hot and romantic love story.
CLICK HERE to stay up to date on all the latest on HOMICIDE AT VINCENT VINEYARD, including a soon-to-be released excerpt, preorder links and more! 

As always, thank you for stopping by. I truly appreciate your support and look forward to bringing more novels to your bookshelves! Stay tuned for next month's post, where I'll be revealing the cover of HOMICIDE AT VINCENT VINEYARD...

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