Romance With a Dose of Sweet Sugar and a Dash of Steamy Spice!

Romance With a Dose of Sweet Sugar and a Dash of Steamy Spice!

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

MY BOOK REVIEW: Inspirational Contemporary Romance Novel SANCTIFIED by Maggie Blackbird

Thank you for stopping by my blog! Today I am excited to bring to you my review of Maggie Blackbird's inspirational contemporary romance novel SANCTIFIED, which is the third installment of her beloved series, THE MATAWAPIT FAMILY.

Keep reading to learn more about the book, which was published by eXtasy Books/Devine Destinies, and to check out my thoughts. Also, find out where you can purchase SANCTIFIED as well as the rest of THE MATAWAPIT FAMILY series, and how to connect with Maggie across social media!

Matawapit Family Series Book 3
Maggie Blackbird

Inspirational Contemporary Romance 

In the midst of a battle for leadership at their Ojibway community, two enemies of opposing families fall in love…

After suffering a humiliating divorce, infuriated Catholic Jude Matawapit bolts to his family’s Ojibway community to begin a new job—but finds himself thrown into a battle for chief as his brother-in-law’s campaign manager. The radical Kabatay clan, with their extreme ideas about traditional Ojibway life, will stop at nothing to claim the leadership position and rid the reserve of Western culture and its religion once and for all, which threatens not only the non-traditional people of the community, but Jude’s chance at a brand-new life he’s creating for his children.

Recovering addict Raven Kabatay will do anything to win the respect and trust of her older siblings and mother after falling deep into drug addiction that brought shame and anger to her family. Not only does she have the opportunity to redeem herself by becoming her brother’s campaign manager for chief—if he wins, she’ll have the reserve’s backing to purchase the gold-mine diner where she works, finally making something of herself. But falling in love with the family’s sworn enemy—the deacon’s eldest son, Jude—will not just betray the Kabatay clan. It could destroy everything Raven believes in and has worked so hard for.

Author Maggie Blackbird’s MATAWAPIT FAMILY series is chocked with intense, multilayered plot lines entrenching enough to hook any reader. From spirituality to taboo relationships, substance abuse to criminal activity, these books detail the raw realities of those living in the Ojibway community.

In SANCTIFIED, the third installment of the series, Maggie does not disappoint as she masterfully creates yet another character’s struggle to earn familial redemption, career success, and most importantly, love. Raven Kabaray, the book’s female protagonist, once succumbed to a debilitating drug addiction. Now that she’s recovered, she wants nothing more than to earn back the trust and respect of her family.

Matters grow complicated, however, when Raven unwittingly falls in love with Jude Matawapit, whose family’s Westernized beliefs completely clash with the strict, traditional ideals of the Kabaray family. As these two entities fight for communal leadership in the midst of their opposing political views, a relationship between Raven and Jude (who is going through a slew of his own issues and struggles) would be deemed highly forbidden.

And therein lies Raven’s dilemma; give up genuine love for the sake of her family and career, give up those things for the sake of love, or figure out a way to find common ground amongst both families in order to have it all...

SANCTIFIED is an emotional, fulfilling, well-rounded saga built on unforgettable characters, whose complicated circumstances will leave readers riveted as they discover the life-altering outcomes/consequences each character faces.

*Stay tuned as Maggie will be stopping my blog again next month with news on the entire MATAWAPIT FAMILY series, an exciting excerpt from SANCTIFIED and a great giveaway, courtesy of Silver Dagger Tours!

An Ojibway from Northwestern Ontario, Maggie resides in the country with her husband and their fur babies, two beautiful Alaskan Malamutes. When she’s not writing, she can be found pulling weeds in the flower beds, mowing the huge lawn, walking the Mals deep in the bush, teeing up a ball at the golf course, fishing in the boat for walleye, or sitting on the deck at her sister’s house, making more wonderful memories with the people she loves most. 


  1. Thank you very much for the review, Denise. It's very much appreciated. :)

    1. You're so welcome, Maggie! It was a pleasure reading your wonderful novel and sharing my thoughts on it!